Carbon Tech Generation

The use of carbon fibre is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while keeping the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability.
Carbon fiber lamination is applied to:

  • Superstructure
  • Flybridge
  • Deck (hybrid)
  • Mast (steel)
  • Radar Arch
  • Hard top (opt)
  • Transom / Platform

Naviop advanced monitoring system

The bridge was produced in partnership with Simrad-Naviop and has a single ultra-wide screen displaying all the main monitoring and navigation information, a mix of video sources and clusters of content chosen using the commanders, or two touch screens duplicated by two physical joggers for extra redundancy and safety.

Aesthetic and functional light design

Lighting is a feature of the unique and innovative design. Light design elements combine the functional and the aesthetic LED lights pick out the steps of the stern swim platform and the central stairway accessing the flybridge. The lights switch on in rapid sequence to create an unusual scenic effect, this too inspired by car design and also illuminating the boat’s courtesy areas.

Electrochromic glass skylight by Isoclima Cromalite

The electrochromic glass skylight by Isoclima Cromalite is a laminated panel incorporating an electro-optical film based on SPD (Suspended Particles Device) technology. The system is activated by an electrical field that aligns the particles suspended in the film to be able to control solar radiation transmittance very effectively in the visible range and certainly significantly in the solar range.

Active Trim Control

Automatic interceptors by Humphree gives the vessel the lift it needs to get up on plane faster or to reach that optimum running trim. In this way the resistance of the hull is automatically optimised for every speed and load condition, this resulting in increased speed and lower fuel consumption.
The Humphree system is all electric powered by 12-24 Volt DC. Thanks to the design of the Interceptor it only requires a small amount of power to move the blade up and down, even under high speed operation.

EPS Electronic Power Steering

At the helm, the innovative Optimus Electronic Power Steering system by Seastar Solutions gives you a similar sensation to driving a top of the range car. The owner can configure the responsiveness of the helm by regulating wheel turns and steering effort according to speed. The system also has the additional benefi t of eliminating the hydraulic piping between the helm station and the rudder compartment.

Unprecedented versatility

The main characteristic of the layout is the versatility of the spaces. On the main deck, first sliding glass door between the patio and the dining area, when open, turns these two zones into a single large ambience with a table under cover and two sofas in the open. The continuity between the patio and the dining area is emphasized by the use of the same teak and other materials and colorways in both areas, while a second, slightly curved door in the middle of the living area separates the indoor lounge, keeping the areas air-conditioned.

Infinity terrace

The stern-facing transparent parapet makes the spacious 17-square-metre cockpit a veritable terrace overlooking the sea, and elevating the connection with the water.

Full-beam platform

Creativity and innovative design are behind the full-beam platform, a never-before seen feature in this category, which is reached by artfully recessed stairs.

Pivoting lateral handrails

Built into the bodywork replacing steel with fiberglass, the handrails have an upward pivoting section, which supports the bimini for shade and further opens the lateral space, maximizing the infinity terrace effect.

Active Ventilation System

The engine room features an Active Ventilation System that regulates fan rotation speed on the basis of temperature.

Technical characteristics

Main Technical data
Ukupna dužina (uključujući ogradu)28,72 m (94’ 3’’)
Širina na glavnom preseku6,34 m (20’ 10’’)
Gaz (uključujući propelere pri punom opterećenju)2,03 m (6’ 8’’)
Istisnina (pri punom opterećenju)97 t (213.846 lb)
Građevni materijalCarbon Fiber + GRP
Vanjski stil i konceptAlberto Mancini
Dizajner interijeraFrancesco Guida
Hull designerP.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut R&D Dept.
Kabine4 + 2/3 crew
Vezovi8 + 3/4 crew
Dijelovi za kupatilo/WC5 + 2 crew
Motori2 x MTU M96L - 2600 mHp
Maksimalna brzina (masa za ispitivanje performansi)up to 35 kn
Brzina krstarenja (masa za ispitivanje performansi)up to 28 kn
Tank capacity
Motori2 x MTU M96L - 2600 mHp
Maksimalna zapremina goriva9500 l (2510 US Gal)
Maksimalna zapremina vode1750 l (462 US Gal)

Data refers to UNI ISO 8666 conditions

Promotivni materijali društva Azimut Yachts dizajnirani su i razvijeni kako bi korisnicima ponudili što tačniji prikaz jahti. Završna obrada, standardna oprema i raspon dodatne opreme koji su u ponudi mogu se menjati od trupa do trupa. Informacije navedene u materijalima (virtualni obilasci, slike, video materijali itd.) dane su isključivo u informativne svrhe. Iako društvo Azimut Yachts nastoji na ovoj internetskoj stranici pružiti tačne podatke, neki ipak mogu biti tehnički netočni ili mogu sadržavati tipografske greške. Društvo Azimut Yacht ne garantuje tačnost, potpunost ili autentičnost slika ili prikaza predstavljenih proizvoda u odnosu na stvarni izgled ili prikaz proizvoda. Društvo Azimut Yachts zadržava pravo da u bilo koje vreme i bez prethodnog obaveštenja napravi izmene u sadržaju i karakteristikama bilo koje jahte i megajahte uključujući, bez ograničenja, boje, materijale, dodatnu opremu i opremu.